Rainwater harvesting systems

We live with weather change. Without control of water, there can't be life, without energy no comfort.

  • The great majority of river and phreatic water are polluted.
  • To decrease CO² emissions we should use more sparing and ecologic energies.

We must develop the recovery of rainwater, of renewable energies: solar heating, electricity production from photovoltaic origin, heat pump, heating floor, heating granulated. To use and develop the resources which nature offers to us, while protecting it to become autonomous out of water and energy.

Economy with the tap

To save water it's also synonymous with comfort and hygiene. Knowing a tap equipped a moussor standard outputs on average 15 liters water/mm, we understand is very quickly is interest to pass to volumetric governors. 

With effectiveness you save on your consumption water, on energy to heat it, you protect environment without loss of comfort. Some is your initial flow or your pressure, these volumetric governors are designed not to leave to pass a quantity precise water (+ - 2 to 10% to 3 bars).

Make saving on your invoice: Rainwater is free, naturally soft, renewable

You wish to be autonomous and you are sensitive to the ecological topics. Since million of years, nature offers to us most abundant of the natural resources: WATER.

Rainwater is often of better quality that water of city. It contains neither calcareous, neither chlorine, neither pesticides, nor nitrates.Our water resources are unequally distributed on our planet and it's exhaust, only 2% of water on ground is soft.

Because here a few years our children, our small children will not be able any more to consume it without counting. To recover rainwater for our daily uses which do not require use drinking water (washing machine, WC, watering,…) is today a question of good sense.

Water recovery systems

You are sensitive to the ecological problems of our planet, you wish to preserve our natural resources, but also to make economies on your invoice water?

We propose flexible systems to you use, evolutionary and easy maintenance to recover, treat and use a free water and 100% natural.

We recover water of roofs, which are filtered with 5 microns before d' to be stored in a concrete tank. Only this smoothness of filtration allows d' to ensure a quality water which will not be degraded with time. This water is then pumped by a group of overpressure then directed towards the network of your house.

Several uses are possible according to your capacity of collecting (covered surface of your habitat and the dependences) and of your needs. A personalized study is carried out free in order to define storage capacity and to establish an estimate according to your needs.

The valorization of rainwater


For a irreproachable water quality 5µ upstream of the tank is 0.005 mm.


We propose a tank concrete buried, in order to protect stored water of the light and heat. But also for its durability like its characteristic to go up the pH of rainwater which is naturally acid, by way of contact with the concrete.


An automatic system makes it possible to rock on water of city in case of draining of the tank.

A filtration with 1µ: that is to say 0.001 mm right before the domestic network.


For a use "Autonomy". The sun emits an invisible light: ultra-violets. This phénomème natural is reproduced with emitting interior of the engines thanks to powerful lamps resulting from last technologies of rays UV-C. This treatment allows decimate micro-organisms in the respect of environment.

Rainwater is not considered drinkable.